This image kept popping up in my web editor yesterday and I couldn’t figure out why. In a similar way, all of my meetings discussing life strategies this week have led to innovation conversations. Several people have told me that I come alive when I describe organizational cultures that develop the life strategy of each contributor in a way that curates unimaginable success. In the same way I spoke with people this week who came alive as they talked about dreams they wanted to turn in to realities. That’s exactly what a life strategy intends to do – it takes who you are and what you know and connects that to the other parts of the whole big idea. Every life strategy is a part of someone else’s life strategy, so you’re doing the world a disservice if you don’t get started on that big idea now.

When I left my last great-idea-meeting, I drove home thinking of this image of a big room with lots of windows and sky. The room looks full of people with ideas, looking for a corner conversation to make a connection that can take their idea to the next level. It’s a room bursting with collaborative energy and intent.

There’s a lot broken in this world that needs reinventing. It happens when your idea and my idea create something great … and bigger than either one of us.

So, what’s your big idea? Do you have a life strategy? Do you have a lean start up methodology? Do you have a trail guide for that journey? That’s what a life strategy coach does. I don’t have the answers, but I have the tools to pull them out of you. Your future is waiting. Are you ready to discover it?