A group of clients were leaving my home office when one of them headed for her Porsche and someone commented that they thought the Porsche in my driveway was my car. I laughed out loud and said, “I drive a Subaru.” As they laughed and drove off, I wondered if I would ever give up my Subaru for a Porsche one day. Then my marketing advisor a few days later cleared that up for me – “Your Subaru has a Porsche engine.”

I already drive a Porsche!

Indulge me a moment, because I always pull metaphors from daily life. This realization that I already drive a Porsche led me to the coaching I do with so many people who are still talking about being a Subaru, when they really have a Porsche engine. They are capable of so much greater performance than they give themselves permission to experience.

It’s a holiday week, so I’ll be brief here. What is under your hood? When are you going to step into high gear?