The first in the Executive Jane 360º series, a modern parable about women, wine and leadership, Petite Syrah tells one woman’s story, and in a way tells every woman’s story. Nora Jones kicked a hole in the glass ceiling only to sit bleeding in the aftermath until a new friend showed her how a woman can rise to leadership in a man’s world. It’s a fictional journey comprised of real-life events through the lens of made up characters… to protect the innocent.

We study this story as a building block of the Life Strategy Retreat so we can become familiar with the metaphor of winemaking as it relates to the inner qualities of our own leadership. This book club is set up to provide room for reflection and group conversation about Nora’s journey as they reflect our own experiences. Each day I’ll post a chapter and a list of discussion questions for group interaction. All of this will come together at the retreat, but hopefully we’ll be transformed in the journey.