It’s that time of year when we look back to see what we’ve accomplished and we take the days after Christmas to plot a strategy for the new year. I’ve made it a point this week to study people who study success and this list really hit me between the eyes. Here’s my own version of Napolean Hill’s guaranteed plan to fail.

• Make sure you don’t know what you want,
• Then procrastinate, because you’re not sure what you want.
• Don’t spend any time educating yourself or increasing knowledge on the subject.
• Be indecisive. Pass the buck.
• Make excuses for why you haven’t solved your problems yet.
• Tell yourself, “I’m okay just as I am. No need to improve.”
• Celebrate indifference.
• Blame others as much as possible.
• Water down desire with reasons why it won’t work.
• Don’t bother organizing any plans to educate yourself or act on your purpose.
• Let cobwebs grow on your ideas because you don’t know how to do them.
• Compromise with poverty. Decide you’re happy being poor.
• Or go on a wild tangent to take shortcuts to riches.
• Here’s the best of all – if you fear what people think, you probably shouldn’t do anything.

People who are successful have
1. A definite purpose
2. A definite plan
3. A mind closed to negative influence
4. An alliance with one or more people who encourage their purpose

Which list are you going to adopt in 2019? This might be a good time to check out my five secrets to getting more out of life every day. Check it out at