Did you know, Beautiful, that Mary Poppins didn’t come to save the children? She came to save their father. I promise you will see in a few seconds how this connects with winemaking.

Last Sunday, I randomly hit play on Saving Mr. Banks in Netflix, thinking it was a story about Walt Disney, probably because Tom Hanks was so prominently portrayed as the man himself. I was surprised to learn this was a story about P.T. Travers, aka. Helen Goff, the author of the novel Mary Poppins, who wanted desperately to change the end of the story. She clung to the story as if it were a lifeline. Not her story, her father’s story. Travers Goff.

I think this hit me between the eyes because I’ve been working for years on a novel hoping to assuage the longing in my soul to give my mother’s story a different ending. You’ve heard me rant about the longing for a mom, since mine left when I was somewhere around 10. What was left of her life was still commanded by alcohol — the same travesty that befell Travers Goff.

In our series on the making of a noble wine, I’m writing this week on the vintner’s intent. A winemaker starts out with an idea of what kind of wine she wants to make. She makes a series of choices that lead to that end, which reminds me of the choices we make in life.

When my mom was a young woman, I don’t think she started making choices planning to drown her sorrows with Jack Daniels every day and end her life at 58. I guarantee you that Travers Goff did not build a family of three beautiful girls with the intention to die before the youngest could walk.

A winemaker’s purpose in making a noble wine determines every choice she makes.

So, Beautiful, is your purpose so clear that it informs every choice you make?

Is there someone in your life whose story you would like to rewrite?

It’s beginning to dawn on me that my life today is my opportunity to rewrite my mom’s story. I already am. I’ve decided to be the mother I never had…and THAT is redemption.

What story are you rewriting with your life? Who is helping you with the screenplay? If you don’t have an answer to that question, I’d love to offer you a free 45 minute coaching session to start to discover the purpose for the wine you’re creating with your life.

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