Life happens, and then you’re 50.

Really it happens well before then. We wake up one morning and find ourselves married. We wake up the next morning and find three kids in the bed with us. We wake up again and we’re 40, which used to be old until you were 38. Then we blink and our kids are taller than us, our hair is starting to sprout gray and all our friends look really old. You know they look old because when you call their name they look up at you with those reading glasses that make their eyeballs look HUGE.

At my 50th birthday party, one of my big sisters told me my favorite line of the decade:

The first half of life is just a dress rehearsal for the second half.

After my 50th birthday party one of my mothers – I’m orphaned, so I collect them – sagely reminded me that the first half and second half don’t always happen at 50. Sometimes we cross over because of a major transition, job change, divorce, death or book sale! I’m a big fan of Richard Rohr and if you’ve obeyed my command in previous blogs to read Falling Upward then you know that many young people are already in their second half … and many gray haired people are still in their first! They’ve become stuck.

So what’s my epiphany on reinvention? Since I’ve launched my coaching, training, speaking business in June – something many wise friends advised me not to do – I’ve run across an amazing number of women at different stages of reinvention:

  • Kate – new mom, second baby, 1st book self published … with an important message for the world
  • Iris – accomplished executive, serial high achiever … secretly wanting to do what she loves
  • Lisa – super talented single mom working up the food chain … but feeling her best is yet to come

We can list names forever … and I will … but the bottom line is this. When I walked through the Life Strategy Planning process with these gals, the lights came on. New energy started to bubble forth. I realized in an instant that the same desires that drove me to reinvent is percolating in women all over the place. Ladies, I think we need to host a reinvention convention. We need to connect, strengthen and multiply each other’s vision. It’s time we get ready, aim, reinvent! Who’s with me?