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Are you tired? On the threshold of burnout? Get away with us and you'll recover your life. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace that will unlock greater capacity in your life. You will leave with a strategy to export that retreat feeling into everyday life. November 14-17, 2019
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You need to slow down to go faster.

You know what it means when Brene Brown talks about wearing hustle and striving as a badge of honor. You have the capacity to do more, but first you need to slow down. This weekend is designed to help busy women…

Create a more life-giving rhythm…
Quiet your mind so you can receive inspiration…
Catalyze unbounded success in connection with other women.

I’m Donna Carlson, a certified women’s leadership development coach, inspired by a 25 year PR career wishing for a world where more people acted like grown ups.

A year ago in my personal yoga practice I was inspired by a song that talks about the crushing and the pressing of life that turns grapes to wine. It was immediately clear to me that I needed to take inspired action to create space for women to find the freedom that comes in the crushing. Watch this video to see why I picked this place to share this metaphor with you…


 We use winemaking as a metaphor for the way we tend the vineyard of our own lives…

In the crushing
In the pressing
You are making new wine
In the soil I now surrender
You are breaking new ground

Over three days, we will crush…

…the tyranny of the hustle that keeps us from what’s important
…fear, doubt and the lie that we’re “not enough
…the habits that sabotage our success.

You will leave with…

…a tranquil mind,
life-giving rhythms and the strategy to take them home with you, 
connections with a quality tribe of women that elevate your success.

May God himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together – spirit, soul, and body (1Thessalonians 5:23)

Here’s how we do it…

Tending the Soil

The soil is the first essential growth factor to create a wine of noble character. Likewise, the soil of our life forms us but doesn’t determine who we become. That’s why need we to know our soil to create strategies for the future.

The way we do this is with the 360º Life Map we we walk you through the process of taking an inventory of your life so you can determine what in your soil is working for you…or not.

Strategies for Growth

The second essential growth factor of a noble wine is the right environment for growth to flourish and the need strategies to grow all of the inside qualities that move us from surviving to thriving, where we see the world more clearly.

We weave holistic awareness about the connection between your gut and brain and the factors that cultivate a healthy mind, soul and body so you can create your own strategy.

Design & Intention

The third essential growth factor of a noble wine is to follow the vintner’s design. It’s after the winemaker has chosen the best grapes and designed the wine that the crushing and the pressing begins. How we respond to that matters.

This retreat is designed to provide you the space you need to see things clearly, understand how you’re designed to move from surviving to thriving and design a strategy to live that way.

Landy, fast track woman learning to breathe

Landy Spearman runs her own successful business and came mostly to serve and support the mission of Life Strategy Design, but discovered a new operating speed for her life that involves slowing down. Learning to breathe again is the surprise benefit that Landy walked away with.

Natalie, solo-preneur

When we work alone, connections are the lifeblood of creativity. It’s a lonely life as a solo entrepreneur and we know we are better when we link purpose with others. Listen to what Natalie, a solo-preneur, found in the cool connections she made at the Life Strategy Retreat.

Meredith, "How the bleep?"

Meredith Masse teaches a career mapping program called “How the bleep did I get here?” She majors more in wine than she does in yoga. She recommends the Life Strategy Retreat retreat to professional and executive women looking to clarify their purpose and create a clear vision for their life.

Kim, business development pro

Kim Searles is a business development pro who operates in the fast lane — often moving faster than the speed of thought. She starts the day running and this retreat taught her the value of slowing down. She came with a yoga mat still in the wrapper and was delighted with what she discovered. Listen to her epiphany at this Life Strategy retreat.

I'm looking for 12 women

I have confidence that there are 12 women who know when they read this page that they need to carve out this time in November. YOU are the reason we are planning this retreat and we’re ready to take you on a journey of discovery and strategy. Your life will never be the same!

The Experience




Register Here

Garden of the Gods Resort
Colorado Springs, November 14-17, 2019

Do you see yourself in this picture? Register here!

You just missed the early bird registration, but there’s still room! If you have a tribe or group that would like to take advantage of our special group and non-profit rates, schedule a call now so we can talk details. 

Weekend Getaway

Registration includes 
private King room
all meals, wine
workshops and yoga AND
4 private coach visits
one hour Life Strategy Coaching with Donna,
1 bod pod assessment, AND 
six-weeks group coaching after the retreat. Normally $2,997.


This includes meals, materials and access to the workshops and yoga, but not the Garden of the Gods amenities reserved for guests. You can attend the retreat each day, dine with us, even attend yoga and go home to your own bed. (Six weeks of group coaching available for an additional fee.)

Resort amenities

Your registration includes Wi-Fi (not that you’ll need it), in-room coffee and tea, access to Kissings Camels 27-hole private golf course (with a greens fee, of course), access to the sports club with group exercise classes, tennis courts, recreation center an swimming pool

Strata Wellness Spa

Adjacent to the resort, the Strata Wellness Center has a wide variety of spa treatments for your whole health and wellness. Strata has assembled experts in medicine, exercise physiology, nutrition, women’s health, spirituality and other wellness specialties. Your registration includes a free consultation with the Strata Integrated Wellness Spa to match spa amenities with your wellness and restoration needs. Your registration includes a 20 minute Bod Pod scan. 

Their state-of-the-art Bod Pod system scientifically calculates both lean muscle and fat mass, allowing more effective targeting of the areas needed for effective weight management & physical activity. The Bod Pod will accurately calculate resting metabolic rate, providing you with the information you need to adjust your daily caloric intake and activity level for ideal health.  Melinda Poland, a nurse practitioner and women’s health specialist, will talk to us about our Bod Pod results and what we might do with this information.


The closest airport is Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. The Garden of the Gods Resort offers airport transportation for $40 each way. Please contact the concierge at (719)329-6900 or


Things happen! If some kind of emergency prevents you from coming, we’ll apply your registration to a future event. You will still receive the retreat materials and be included in the online community.

Questions about the retreat or about our sponsors (below)? Contact or 719-209-9900