New Wine Retreat

a restorative retreat for executive women to harmonize work and life... to slow down to be who you are made to be with courage, clarity and mastery

Why You Need This Retreat

You are the giver.

You pour out your life until there’s little left of you.

At the office you are the rock star, but in the rest of your life there’s no harmony.

In the crushing and pressing of life, when your soul aches to replace the hustle and striving with a more life-giving rhythm…

it’s time to surrender… and make some new wine.

Here’s a message from our head winemaker.

Our Approach

Through the metaphor of wine-making, we introduce executive women to a process of tending, growing, and curating intention to create a beautiful life of distinction.

Tending the Soil

The soil is the first essential growth factor to create a wine of noble character. Likewise, the soil of our life forms us but doesn’t determine who we become. That’s why need we to know our soil to create strategies for the future.

Strategies for Growth

Just like the Vintner needs certain growth factors in place to create the right environment for a fine wine to flourish, WE need strategies to grow our mental agility, our finesse as a leader, the energy we bring to our life and our executive presence.

Design & Intention

 It’s after the winemaker has chosen the best grapes and designed the wine, THAT is when the crushing  and the pressing begins. In the same way WE are crushed, tested and refined before we become what we’re made to be.

“You Had Me At Wine!”

Our head winemaker, Work/Life Strategy Coach Donna Carlson, created the Life Strategy Design coaching program to help high-performing women cultivate a life of harmony, symmetry and finesse, like a great wine.

Using her proprietary program, Donna guides attendees through a three stage process of designing a life strategy mirroring the process of creating a noble wine. In this retreat, you’ll have an opportunity to connect with like-minded women, hear from experts in the field, and work one-on-one with Donna and a faculty of experts hand picked to help you create strategies for work, wellness and play.

Your Whole Life

The premise of designing your life strategy (read more about Life Strategy Design here) is to slow down enough to notice what is happening in your whole life – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially and physically. Here’s how.



We will take you on a wine journey through France, Italy and even the lesser known regions of North America to explore and taste the character of a fine wine. Master of Wine Ashley Hausman has traveled the world and brings you a wealth of knowledge on sustainably grown wines from every region.

Yoga & Spa

Restorative multi-level yoga classes are part of the experience, with a full menu of spa services, in addition to tennis, golf, hiking the Garden of the Gods. Your bod pod biometric screening is included with your registration, and as a participant you will receive special pricing on a range of spa services.


Together with celebrated artist LeAnna Tuff, we have created an experience that puts all the senses to use. LeAnna created Artistry Studios to share her decades of expertise as a portrait artist to create a tactile experience that even the most novice painter can enjoy. LeAnna will walk us through a guided creation of your new wine on canvas.


Garden of the Gods Resort
Colorado Springs, November 14-17, 2019

Registration includes your private room (facing the Garden of the Gods), all your meals, wine, workshop supplies and resort amenities. All participants will enjoy full access to the fitness center and pool and each one of you will schedule a private appointment at the Strata Wellness Center for a bod pod assessment and consultation. Other spa services, tennis and golf are available for a fee. 

Premium Registration

Register now to secure first choice on the spa and a one-year membership in our Life Strategy Design community.

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