New Wine Faculty

You become just like the five people you hang around the most. That’s why we have assembled the most amazing, talented, authentic women to lead this retreat.

Ashley Hausmann

Her love for wine is born out of Ashley’s love for life. She is a woman who sees and that’s why her work as a Master of Wine – a distinction greater then sommelier – cultivated a gift in Ashley to educate novice wine connoiseurs with both the wisdom and humility that makes this wine tasting experience divine.

Ashley also appreciates the synergy between spirit, soul and body. That’s how she is able to weave the story about how a wine is made…and relate it to how our bodies react to different agents in the winemaking process. You will be enriched through Ashley’s love for wine and enboldened to read a wine list with confidence. 

LeAnna Tuff

Artist, mother of three outrageously awesome humans, wife of a charming opera singer and friend…LeAnna Tuff is a woman who lives free spirit, soul and body. It shows in her work and she loves to share that superpower because not all of us are artists, but all of us are creative beings.

This time-out weekend for women is the perfect place to design your masterpiece with the guidance of this master artist. LeAnna will lead our work on canvas Saturday night, restoring your soul with the kinesthetic work of paint to canvas.

LeAnna will also help you master the canvas of your skin with beauty consults during Friday/Saturday flex time along with Anna Berg of Beauty Counter Cosmetics.


Maureen Kelley

Maureen’s greatest joy in life is being a mother to three (now adult) children, mother in law, and grandmother to two beautiful little girls. Her professional life as financial advisor, private banker and wealth manager for nearly 30 years has been dedicated to helping women and their families achieve financial wellbeing. Her insights as a mother and experience as a financial advisor led her to her own practice called MADRE—an acronym for Money, Assets, and Durable Relationships. MADRE also defines her.

She knows firsthand the role and importance of money in our lives, and has seen the impact of money as both a blessing and a curse. A certified family coach and financial therapist, today Maureen helps people with conversations and challenges beyond the money. You can access our podcast discussion about money and relationships here.

With compassion and understanding, Maureen will guide you in private conversation about your own relationship with money. In many women, money is taboo, creating fear, shame or guilt. Maureen creates a safe space. She is a passionate advocate for empowering and engaging women to achieve a healthy financial life.


Kristen Kramer

Kristen knows the value of hard work and service to others. She started selling eggs door-to-door in the Maryland town where she grew up, got up at the crack of dawn for a paper route and worked the grind of food service during high school and college. All of these experiences taught her that leadership is about service.

After five years as an elementary school teacher, she decided to pursue graduate studies in Industrial Organizational Psychology. This education provided her with a unique blend of measurement, assessment rigor, and human insight that she uses every day in her work at The Center for Creative Leadership, where she designs leadership solutions that are impactful, creative, and that drive sustainable behavior change back in the real world.

Kramer & Company is Kristen’s personal brand for releasing executive presence, resiliency and servant leadership on the world.


Dale Falini

Dale has spent the past 30 years working with women, families, and at-risk youth. Her joy in life is to see others work through the barriers that hold them back in life, unleash their potential and pursue their goals and dreams. She is committed to seeing people succeed in their personal and professional life as a licensed Daring Way facilitator and life coach.

She specialize in building confidence and eliminating the fears and limiting self-beliefs that hold people back from pursuing the life they desire. For that reason, we have given Dale an hour of our Friday morning workshop to close the Soil portion of our winemaking experience with some wisdom from Brene Brown’s Daring Way program on vulnerability and shame.


Rebecca Hawkins

This brilliant woman walks deeply and is passionate about connection, She goes deep fast and forms friendships effortlessly because there is no pretense with Rebecca. She’s all in from the start.

The focus of her yoga practice, Unforced Rhythms, is helping women embrace their stories and enter into rest. Don’t you agree that we all try to “force” our way through life too often? As the President of the Pikes Peak Association for Talent Development and a full time working gal, leading complex training and development projects for a large bank, Rebecca knows all about hustling for her worth. But she also knows her value is not found in those places where we strive and compete and control. It is found in stillness, deep within her soul, where she connects with her True Self as the beloved daughter of God she was created to be.

Whether an experienced yogi or brand new to yoga, you are invited to join her on the yoga mat at the New Wine Retreat as she creates some sacred space for you to enter into rest through some unforced rhythms of grace – gentle, restorative movement, deep healing breath, silence and contemplation.

Her recent certification as a Holy Yoga Instructor (C-HYI 200) provides her soul nourishment from the hustle of a management role and you will feel that refreshment in her classes. Rebecca is also certified in Yoga Healing Touch Therapy and you will experience her amazing gifts in our yoga classes throughout the weekend. She looks forward to loving on you!

Donna Carlson

Your head winemaker for the weekend, Donna Carlson, is a catalyst. Yes, she has been certified and trained as a coach. She has built numerous programs with the finest faculty in the world at The Center for Creative Leadership, after a 30 year career in public relations and organizational communications.

She left corporate life to curate the strategies that help you live your whole life in balance and harmony, like a fine wine. Donna connects women with their purpose and with other women committed to mastermind something larger than any one of us can achieve alone.

Her three daughters are all the proof Donna needs that regardless of our circumstances, we create our own future. Her girls have everything Donna always wanted but never had in a home…and it shows in their independence, resiliency and kindness.

Donna recently told her story at One Million Cups, from creating an army worm colony to selling rocks door to door, with the Bionic Woman as her personal secretary. You can access the whole story here.

Elaine Humphries is a licensed counselor who loves serving women…almost as much as she loves her grandkids.

There is room for one more faculty member. We never presume to have it all wrapped up. Participants have a chance to book appointments on Friday and Saturday. If you have gifts that serve women and love the spirit of this venture, contact

Samantha Sargent will bring oils education and a biofeedback device that helps you find the essential oil that will bring the most healing to your body.

Katelyn Swiatek runs the family commercial real estate business alongside these fabulous little humans and her husband Stephen. She is coming to support because she believes in the power of transformation and in this team.

Anna Berg has a passion for beauty inside and out. She will provide beauty consultations and education about the importance of knowing what you put on your skin.