New Wine Faculty

You become just like the five people you hang around the most. That’s why we have assembled the most amazing, talented, authentic women to lead this retreat.

Ashley Hausmann

Her love for wine is born out of Ashley’s love for life. She is a woman who sees and that’s why her work as a Master of Wine – a distinction greater then sommelier – cultivated a gift in Ashley to educate novice wine connoiseurs with both the wisdom and humility that makes this wine tasting experience divine.

Ashley also appreciates the synergy between spirit, soul and body. That’s how she is able to weave the story about how a wine is made…and relate it to how our bodies react to different agents in the winemaking process. You will be enriched through Ashley’s love for wine and enboldened to read a wine list with confidence. 

LeAnna Tuff

Artist, mother of three outrageously awesome humans, wife of a charming opera singer and friend…LeAnna Tuff is a woman who lives free spirit, soul and body. It shows in her work and she loves to share that superpower because not all of us are artists, but all of us are creative beings. This time-out weekend for women is the perfect place to design your masterpiece with the guidance of this master artist. LeAnna will lead our work on canvas, but she also will help you master the canvas of your skin with beauty consults during Friday/Saturday flex time.


Rebecca Hawkins

This brilliant woman walks deeply and as you can see in the photo, lives large. She goes deep fast and forms friendships effortlessly because there is no pretense with Rebecca. She’s all in from the start.

The focus of her yoga practice is helping women find rhythms of grace. Unforced rhythms that guide us through life are not found in the hustle of life, although Rebecca knows all about that — working full time in a leadership role with a large insurance organization. The unforced rhythms of grace are found in silence and contemplation – which is what she creates in her classes for you at the New Wine Retreat. Her recent certification as a Holy Yoga Instructor provides her soul nourishment from the hustle of a management role and you will feel that refreshment in her classes.


Donna Carlson

Your head winemaker for the weekend is a catalyst. Yes, she has been certified and trained as a coach. She has built numerous programs with the finest faculty in the world at The Center for Creative Leadership, after a 30 year career in public relations and organizational communications. That was the reason why she left corporate life — to carve out a career that uses all of her superpowers so she can provide YOU with strategies that help you live your whole life in balance and harmony, like a fine wine. Donna connects women with their purpose and with other women committed to mastermind something larger than any one of us can achieve alone.

Her three daughters are all the proof Donna needs that regardless of our circumstances, we create our own future. Her girls have everything Donna always wanted but never had in a home…and you should see them fly!