Need a speaker on work/life balance?

Donna has a witty, humorous and sometimes irreverent approach to what’s working (or not) in the working world. Whether you have a group of women or a mixed group of humans who have a life, Donna will make you laugh until your side hurts and leave you with solid strategies for your own awesome life.

Fave topics

What the Duck?

People say the strangest things. Strategies to respond like a pro to baffling workplace behaviors.

A great leader is like a fine wine.

The characteristics of a fine wine are a lot like the the character traits YOU want in your life. Let’s walk the vineyard.


Normal and other Four Letter Words

Normal is nothing but a setting on your dryer. Explore this and other “four letter words” for the workplace that will wreck your culture and your life. Don’t worry. You will end up with an arsenal of good words.


Close but not the whole cigar? Let’s schedule a time to talk about what your group needs. I have a whole lot of words in my arsenal and a knack for customizing a talk for you.