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Donna has a witty, humorous and sometimes irreverent approach to what’s working (or not) in the working world. We’ve all been in meetings wondering how much we might accomplish if only everyone would act like a grown-up. Donna sees your pain and brings real practical strategies for surviving the workplace. Here are a few ideas:

What the Duck?

What the duck happened to my career? How did I get here? Where do I go now? Donna offers real stories from the trenches of failure and five practical steps for designing a strategy for the next phase of your future.

A great leader is like a fine wine.

Let’s walk the vineyard of your world and learn how the crushing and pressing in your life build the harmony, symmetry, complexity, finesse and elegance that produce a fine wine out of the fruit of your life.

5 success strategies will change your life.

You’re a student of success? Good. It’s important to hang out with people living the life you want to have. If you are like I was for most of 50 years, you will be surprised to know their success does not come from the initial caps after their name. Learn the five irrefutable success strategies that will change your paradigm and make you a more wholehearted leader.


Is there something specific you need that you don’t see here? I have a whole lot of words in my arsenal. Let’s customize a talk for your group.