Cat came to our mastermind meeting seeking a strategy to balance her life. She had a good “job” but over time admitted more and more how it sucked the life out of her soul. She talked about her”side gig” and how she’d like to balance her time between the two. After our second meeting she realized why she was stuck: she was in the wrong role and didn’t want to admit it. When she resigned from the “job”and pursued her “side gig” full time, she came alive.

Before you quit your job, I have to shout, “STOP!” We need more brilliant women incorporate leadership. However, if you are in the wrong role, that could explain why you are stuck. You have amazing things to offer your organization, your community, even the world. Whether we are talking about a corporate role or anew business, there are several reasons why you might be stuck (whether that means unprofitable or just not moving forward). Maybe it’s because you’re not taking advantage of all your resources. Can I ask you a few questions?

Does this idea employ your natural talents?

Whom does the idea benefit?

Who is working with you in harmony to serve that end?

I was stuck in the wrong job at 50. And because I was 50 with a kid in college and two more to go, I thought I could not part from the corporate pay check. While I applaud the women who are rocking that role today, it was not the right role for me, so I left to start my own hustle.

You might have heard the old phrase, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” It was from Solomon, a former king of Israel and purported wise guy. This idea you have may not be the first of its kind, maybe it is, but it’s the first of its kind coming from you with the quantum benefit of the people you work with. Quantum what?All that means is “a whole that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.” 

Many years ago a man named Napolean Hill researched what makes people successful. The summary of his work is now free in the public domain, so you can read it for yourself, but here’s what he said when asked for the three most important attributes of wealthy individuals. They have a specific purpose, they’ve organized knowledge around a plan and they’ve surrounded themselves with people who have the smarts and the drive to make the plan work. He called it a mastermind and he wasn’t the first to come up with it. Solomon said, “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” A few hundred years later, Jesus said, “If any two or more of you gather as my followers, I’m there with you.” His very last words on this earth before the Roman guards came was asking God if we could just work together as a team (John 15).

Does this strike a chord in your soul? Do you have the purpose, the plan and the people to get the job done? (No Hamilton lines here.) Deep down, do you know you need to make some changes or add some more people to your network to make this fly? You might be stuck in indecision or under water, in more debt than you ever imagined.

There is a way out, but you can’t do it alone. I have one more spot open in my last mastermind group of the year. Don’t stay stuck one more day. Register here.