I slept in this Monday morning because there’s a bunch of snow on the ground and school is closed, but I woke up thanking God for Monday. Really thanking God for all the Mondays when I woke up wondering why I’m still the same dead end job. The world has us trained to say Thank God it’s Friday, so we can finally have two days to live our real life, but when we’re doing the work that life has crafted for us, why not wake up and say TGIM?

The book I’m reading right now explores this thing called purpose. Butterflies and sparrows don’t seem to have a hard time knowing what to do on Mondays. They go about their regular routine and do what they are created to do every day of the week. My dog doesn’t have a hard time knowing what to do on Mondays, although he wonders why all the hands that were rubbing his belly on Sunday night are suddenly so busy. There’s freedom in knowing what you’re made of.

In my work I get to witness freedom every day. My life’s work is to help professional women understand what they’re made for so they can fly. If you think it’s time you started loving Mondays again and would like a little help, I have three easy steps for you. Join me on this adventure called life. Let’s create your life strategy. Start here.