Failure is a factor of any business strategy. It’s a factor in life when we’re taking the kind of risks that lead to significant growth. There are many ways we sabotage our own success, getting derailed by beliefs others have planted in our minds that are not even true.

There is no fail-proof business,
but you can have a fail-forward strategy.

The first time I read John Maxwell’s book, Failing Forward, my husband had just been laid off after moving our family across three states for a new job. At the time it happened, we were in shock. In retrospect, it was a very good thing for our family – forcing us to create a new normal that was really good for our kids and for us.

Since then I’ve moved in and out of jobs that were not the right fit for me, which has catapulted me into the coaching practice I have now, helping people reinvent and helping companies create developmental teams. That’s why I’m hosting a free brown bagger to talk about my upcoming series on The Art of Failing Forward. Here you will learn

  • the difference between people who achieve and people who are average,
  • a new definition of failure and success,
  • how to exit the failure freeway,
  • what’s holding your success hostage and
  • how to make failure your best friend.

If you are interested in attending a brown bag book club or an online workshop on Failing Forward, contact