Noble wines have distinct characteristics that set them apart – harmony, symmetry, complexity, finesse and elegance. They also take on the distinctive characteristics of their environment. Have you ever read a tasting note that talks about “hints of pepper” or “notes of blueberry”? This happens because the vineyard is downstream from a garden. Do you see where I’m going here?

Have you every heard that you are a product of your environment? There is no way your formation as a human can avoid the runoff that comes from all the stuff around you. There’s a very important characteristic in vine-keeping that is worth holding onto you.

The environment is a key factor in healthy grapes. The fruit gets filled and depleted as the grape vine responds to its environment.

Healthy grapevines produce happy grapes (to make a Texas reference, just like Blue Bell cows think Brenham is heaven). Happy grapes produce great wine. And happy grapes come from a healthy growing environment. It’s the same with people. Healthy organizations produce healthy people. Happy people do great work. They can’t help it!

If you hang around coaches, you have also heard that YOU are the sum total of the five people you hang out with the most. Are you choosing the right environment for your growth? If you work in a toxic environment, who are the five most positive, intelligent, action-oriented people in that workplace? Hang out with them, even if you have to volunteer. Put yourself in the place that will allow you to BE the change you wish to see in the world.

Are you working in harmony with like-minded people?
Do you leverage the symmetry of talents in your team?
Does complexity stop you or stretch you?
How are you using finesse in your every word?
An elegant wine leaves a pleasant aftertaste. What kind of lingering effect do you leave behind with those who live, work or do life with you?

How’s the quality of YOUR wine? What are the flavors you leave behind in the world that gets to taste your leadership…or experience relationship with you? We’re making NEW WINE this month.

We have ONE new opening in the NEW WINE retreat for professional women March 28-31. One private room with your name on it, if you read this and say, “Hmmm.” Check out the details of this sold out retreat and contact me if you want to be that person.