I’ve spent 25+ years leading from the middle of organizations, from boutique to global. My training experience includes some graduate education and some excellent leadership development research, but that’s not where I get my superpowers to help managers lead 360º. Research and Ph.D.s are good, but there’s problem when our experts are textperts — textbook trainers.

Ask your expert about their experience in middle management.

They can talk about psychometric instruments until well past happy hour, but can they talk annual reports, budgets and staff reductions? I’ve been on both ends of all these things and I can say that even though the experts have done a lot of research on what makes a good boss, what they don’t know about what makes a good boss is that you already know the answer.

Great leadership is inside you waiting for its wake up call.

If your work is exhausting, there are several reasons why that might be true. No manager training program is going to help you discover that. When you live by a life strategy that takes into account who you are, how you’re made and what to do with it….even the exhausting days are great.

When you know how to lead your team into a strategy-led life, when you develop your people as strategy, cultivating bigger minds and real happienss, you’ve just put your life and leadership on rails to great impact. See what we can do together in a classroom here.