Let’s get real. Your childhood was maybe less than ideal. Do you feel resigned to your past? Debra has created a coaching practice out of her journey turning chaos into joy and freedom.
Debra Valentina, founder of Creativing (Cre-A-tiving), is a holistic intuitive coach for female entrepreneurs and executives, as well as an international speaker and author. Her memoir Beyond Chaos: Journey to Freedom and Joy was published in March by Write Path Publishing. One of her greatest delights is to empower women to get beyond their doubts and fears to fully express their unique talents, experience freedom and joy, and claim their seat at the table.
Debra Valentina supports high achieving female executives and entrepreneurs who look good on the outside, yet secretly struggle with overwhelm or doubt on the inside. Debra partners with these women to empower them to move forward on their journey to find freedom and joy. In her book, Beyond Chaos, Debra  vulnerably shares her journey from a chaotic, dysfunctional childhood to a thriving, satisfying life.
More about Debra and her book at https://www.creativing.info/ and https://beyondchaosbook.com/.
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