You don’t have to be as old as me to remember the ad with the egg saying, “this is your brain” and dropping the egg in a hot frying pan saying, “this is your brain on drugs.” It was memorable but was it successful in deterring drug use? NPR deduces that it might be more effective to attract kids to things that show what a happy life looks like. As you watch human performance trends, it seems the same thing is happening in the workplace.

Bersin just issued its 2018 HR technology report and there it is, number 7: The Wellbeing Market Is Exploding. It’s a good year for 360º Life Strategies because it’s easier and easier to have the conversation about the strategic benefits of having healthy employees. If you read my blog about The Science of Happiness, you know that researchers are way beyond a hunch that happiness correlates with productivity. It’s not a soft science. It’s fact.

Fade to the hierarchical, self-entitled-to-the-title manager from Office Space. He is not getting his TPS reports any more. That young talent is not chasing red staplers; he’s chasing other jobs. The jobs that retain the best employees are the ones that recognizes these workers are human… and just like my computer has an operating system, every human has a uniquely optimized operating system. When it operates at full capacity, you get amazing results.

Bersin shows in its report a wellness to performance curve that looks like a series of interdependent concentric circles that give energy to one another, moving past health and fitness to wellbeing and ultimately sustainable performance. A study by the Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management validated that higher psychological wellbeing is useful for the increased employee job performance. That psychological carrot is about more than just exercise, stress, sleep and nutrition.

Real wellbeing gets into the full comprehensive package of a whole person, including spirit and soul health as well as strength. They are interdependent and inextricable. That’s the whole premise of our signature program, your life 360º. This is a first of a series of articles on the effects of full human potential on your bottom line.