I just spent a week with nearly 1,000 entrepreneurs who have banded together to get one million female entrepreneurs to $1 million in revenue. The atmosphere is quite electric with hope, promise and tremendous talent.

In the wee hours after the conference closed, I had a conversation with a young woman (I can call 36 young because I’m over 50) who confided that she came to this conference thinking EVERYONE attending the event was ALREADY earning over $1 million in revenue. She was shocked to hear from the stage that only two percent of female entrepreneurs are making over $1 million a year. At a paltry $2 million in revenue, she felt she was small potatoes next to the multimillion dollar business owners she hangs out with. Her shock over learning that she IS that two percent shocked me out of my limited mindset that $1 million is somewhere out there, far into the future. She’s 36 and she’s thinking way beyond $1 million. What am I waiting for?

The dollar amount is insignificant in light of the mission. I don’t stay up dreaming about what my life looks like when I’m earning $1 million. I stay up dreaming about all the people who will live a fuller, richer life because they’ve run their current life through my Life Strategy Design experience and created a much more beautiful and on-fire future. I dream of the women in political leadership, at the helm of Fortune 100 companies and leading boards of publicly traded companies. I dream they are all great moms and live the family dream, married to the same guy for a long time (yes, even sex after 50).

I dream of high-achieving women attending my Metamorphosis retreat outside of Paris, France, because they have planned restoration into their lives so they have more to give back to the world.

What’s the difference in a millionaire? She sees $1 million as a place to start.

I’ll be seeing you from Paris in September…I’m on the road to shop for castles to host my retreat. Stay tuned for regular updates on my travel adventure.

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