You are going through a transition – job change, starting a business, planning your next move – and you hit rough waters. We’re planning a rafting trip next week and this photo from our last rafting trip reminded

me of something important for every one in transition. One guarantee in life is that you will hit rough waters.

When the water gets rough, that’s not time to stop. When the water is the most turbulent, the only way to get through is to paddle harder and never stop.

The last time I made a transition and had to face an uncertain future, I realized that it would be easy for me to claim the world is against me and hide in my cozy bed, so I created a daily plan. I wrote in a planning calendar to do these every day:

  • Get moving, even if just walking the dog.
  • Read something inspirational, or about something bigger than your problem.
  • Make three new connections each day – by phone, on Linked In … just connect.
  • Apply for one job each day. Or if you are starting a new business, make one cold call to build up your resolve. Feel the fear and call anyway.
  • Schedule one meeting. If you schedule one each day, you will end up with a real reason to get up and take a shower. Don’t just to ask for a job or ask for business. Find out what you can do for that person. Give and the world will give back.

I’m a woman of action, so these To-Do items help jump start my day. There’s an important balance that I’ve been learning. It’s more of a Being than a Doing. You have to maintain a healthy, resilient mindset because, guess what, you will be turned down. You will experience rejection. Be prepared. Be proactive.

  • Combat negative feelings or resentment with gratitude. Call or write someone to tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Breathe. I have my Apple watch set to remind me every hour to take a minute to drink long and deep of the oxygen around me – something to be grateful for.
  • Play. You are anxious. You need work now. Truth is you are useless to anyone if you are stressed. Your mind will not be sharp. You must get outside – hike, swim, bike, fish or play badminton with the kids …. but do something to completely engage your hands and mind in something that does not involve a computer or phone.

There will be a better day. It might be sooner than you think.

P.S. In transition? Looking to connect? Private message me or comment here if you’re interested in opportunities to connect with others in transition. Together we’re better.