Last week I had one piece of pie.

I’m not writing to brag (although I am quite proud) and I’m certainly not writing to make you feel bad if you had more. (Just see my last blog on the four chocolate chocolate chunk cookies I had the week before Thanksgiving.) The point of this article is about resolving to live forward the commitments I have in mind for the new year. Why not start now? Why not skip the heartache and the regrets, Donna, and just have one slice of pie?

As long as you’re at it there, why not go ahead and decide what you best day will look like and architect that now, on November 26? At this rate I can have 30 great days between now and Christmas and go into the end of the year feeling great about 2018, but let’s face it — it’s not about the pie.

The pie just represents my commitment to:

  • fit in my clothes
  • have more energy at work
  • curate better mental clarity at work…and home

If it’s just about the pie, then I’ll probably eat the pie and tell myself I’ll lose the weight tomorrow, but what else will I lose in the process? I’m committed to making the next 30 days the best days in 2018 so I can enter 2019 with a bang.

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